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Our Team


Everyone can be healthy, happy, and able. No matter what your goal we want to make sure you can achieve and surpass what you thought was possible. Whether its through our world-class programs or our even better service. We are here to make sure you reach your goals as quickly and smoothly as possible. 

ben gilbert

Chief Execuitve Officer

Ben’s fitness journey started in high school with his insecurities about being overweight. After two years of working out and watching other trainers, he decided to get certified through ACE.His career launched with training high school friends for free. He upgraded to training college friends and went to UCF for exercise science.After college he got certified through NASM, starting his career out of his garage, and has upgraded over time to a full gym. Ben specializes in weight loss, corrective exercises, and bodybuilding.He loves his job and his main goal is to help you succeed and make you happy coming to the gym.

Connor barth

Chief Operations OFficer

I have been in the Health and Fitness scene for the last 5 years. I was in it even before this by coaching anyone and everyone around me as I searched for every way to get as good at basketball and jumping as I possibly could. 

After spending the last 5 years deeply involved in running a gym, online coaching, and holding camps. I feel that there is large gaps in the thinking of the industry. I strive to help each and every person who comes in the door be better than they were they day before and to give them a path to achieve any means with their body they desire athletically, aesthetically, or functionally.

zach moseley

personal trainer

Born and raised in Tampa Florida, Zach has been in love with the process of strengthening and sculpting the body since he was a teenager. Once his baseball aspirations came to an end, a newfound passion for weightlifting emerged. After observing the positive physical, emotional, and mental changes in himself, he wanted to help others do the same.