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What is Rift? Rift stands for Re-Invented Fitness Training. Our goal at Rift is to redefine the industry. Our mission is to provide the best service at a fraction of the cost of the norm. Let us show you how we do this.


Infrared Sauna

Steam Sauna


We have what are called "stackable" services. This means that as you want more service you get free access to everything else. If you buy personal training, you get hybrid training and open training for free. If you buy hybrid training, you get open gym for free. If you just get open training, not only do you get access to our exclusive gym, you get unlimited access to all our amenities which include cold plunges, infrared saunas, dry saunas and more.

Open Training

Open training is a traditional membership. Use the gym as much as you want and as often as you want. Get an access card and come use the gym on your time.

Open training hours are...
Monday - Friday 5:00am-11:00pm
Saturday - Sunday 7:00am-4:00pm

Hybrid Training

Hybrid training builds on your open training membership, giving you free access to open training hours. You additionally get customized programs, training app access, and coached gym hours where our personal trainers are roaming the gym form coaching, spotting, answering questions, and everything a personal trainer will do.

With hybrid training also comes accountability. You will be tested and measured consistently to make sure you are making progress, and unlike most gyms you will be contacted if you don't show up.

Hybrid training hours are..
Monday - Friday 6:30am-12:00pm & 5:00pm-8:00pm
Saturday - Sunday 8:00am-10:00am

Personal Training

Personal training includes everything you get with hybrid training and open training for free. You also get one on one personal training sessions where the coach is focused only on you for the entire session. Sessions typically last an hour and you will get the most amount of pushing and accountability.

This service is perfect for people who want that extra level of attention, extra level of privacy, or simply want the luxury of not having to think about anything, except for showing up and working out. This gives you the extra perk of working specifically with one person, if you like their style or only want to be coached by them.

Hours are worked out on an individual basis...

Kayla Brucken
in the last week
I’ve been coming to Rift consistently now for about 2 months and I’m loving it! I can already see the gains I’ve made and my strength has definitely increased. I’m feeling more active with my kids and my energy levels have increased a lot! The trainers are amazing and push me when I need it and are always there to help me when I need it!
sara parker
a month ago
The best gym around, hands down. Ben, the owner is super down to earth and motivated to do right by his clients. I’ve been training with him for a couple of months now and feel wonderful, motivated and happy to work out. Great sense of humor too, keeps things light and not serious. Space is clean, perfectly set up, and the sauna/cold plunge is a game changer.
Renee Quintero
in the last week
Best gym I’ve ever been too. The trainers are super knowledgeable and there to assist with whatever you might need help with. Welcoming and friendly environment and the gym is clean and well equipped. 10/10 experience
Tiana Lake
in the last week
This gym is the only I have stuck with for a year. I have never done any fitness anything for a year! Owner truly cares about you! Trainers are amazing and caring! Great Vibe I highly recommend.
Steven White
2 months ago
The team is professional, and friendly. I was thrilled to find this gym. It is clean, organized, and well maintained. The trainers are attentive during open gym hours to assist and provide guidance and recommendations during your workout. I have signed up for personal training sessions and I am pleased with my personal growth. RIFT is my gym. Check it out.

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