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Unlock Your
Full Potential


Get a personalized training plan that fits your goal, schedule, equipment, and what you like to do. Created by a team who has gotten 1000's results with varying technique so that you can get what you want and enjoy it.

Your goal is ours

Your Aspirations. Our Expertise. Whether you're aiming for athletic prowess, a transformative weight loss, or simply to turn heads, Rift Online crafts a training journey tailored for YOU.


One of the biggest reasons for having a coach is be able to communicate with them. So this is how your journey starts. Face to face with a coach to help you plot the course for success.

Talk to us and determine your goals and how to best achieve them.

Test where you are now so we can plot the path to your future.

We give your a personalized program that will take you from where you are to where you want to be.

Our philosophy empowers you

Our philosophy
empowers you

"Ability" The heart of our training. We define ability as your prowess in Strength, Speed, Endurance, Range of Motion, and Skill. Every goal, every aspiration, hinges on these. We work to increase your Ability to do your goal.

We use our fundamental knowledge of how to increase your ability by choosing the right training for you.

Don't just feel like you make progress. Know it. We track the main things that are important for your goals so you can see the improvement.

We work testing into our programs to reconfirm your goals our being met and that your are not falling flat.

Stay Connected. Stay Motivated.

Stay Connected.
Stay Motivated.

Being able to share your journey with others can help keep you moving in the right direction. We make sure that not only are you able to connect with your coach often but that you are also connected with other so you can help each other as well.

Talk to your coach face to face weekly. This is to make sure things are on track and any needed adjustment are made.

Message us at any time. Use this to send videos of exercises or just to ask questions. Always with a less than 24 hour response.

Every week we have group calls. Here you can connect with others training and hear different perspectives on others training journeys.

Always have access to our training group chat. You can share wins and engage in discussions on training with members and coaches.

knowledge base

Getting coached is one thing. Learning to coach yourself is another. Learn about the training we offer and our philosophy. The more you know the better you can apply it to not only yourself but also anyone you want to help!

Every lift for every program is filmed. We put all these up with full explanations of how to do them properly.

For those who want to delve into why we do what we do. Our database of Philosphy videos explain how we program and guide clients.

Not all programs need everything. We put together some general workouts that people can use for situations they may randomly run into. You always have access to these.

The Service

When you start we know have an exact procedure you will go through.

Signup and Consultation

Talk to a Rift Personal Trainer. Lay out your goals and what you want to do.


Assessment and Personalization

From your goals and information we assess where you are and personalize a path to where you want to be.


Program Assignment

Since we know where you are we now get you moving to where you want to be!


Program Coaching/Adjustment

With your program in hand you now just have to work through your journey. We are here every step of the way helping you through and solving any issues that arise. 


End Assesment

Once your program has been complete we run the same assessment from the start.


Re-Evaluation and Personalization

Now you have taken your end assessment and got your gains. Now we regather and talk about goals and the next steps to keep moving toward them! 


Rift Online Premium

Group Coaching Features

$ 200
  • Goal Setting Call
  • Personal Goal Assesment
  • Personalized Program
  • Weekly Personal Coaching Calls
  • Weekly Group Calls
  • Program Assesments
  • Program Updates
  • Exercise Library
  • Knowledge Base

meet our team

Our coaches have a combined experience of over 20 years. They have been professional athletes, had their own transformation, and have coached 1000's of different people. They are here to help you have your own transformations whatever that may be for you.


Talk to us directly by clicking the button below to set up a call with our Personal Trainer's to have all your questions answered.